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If toddlers did bucket lists

Bucket lists…lots of us have made them, several of them even probably. They might be life bucket lists in general, crazy things you want to do type lists, or even travel bucket lists. Some of us have probably ticked a couple of things off the list as well.


Have you?

What if toddlers did bucket lists? There are a whole host of things you should do before you reach the grand old age of three surely? So many things perhaps that only a toddler could get away with.

I’ve been thinking about this lately – inspired of course by my own four little darlings, who have all had their moments, and I think a toddlers bucket list might look something like this:

  • Surf down the stairs naked except plastic body armour – because it is the toddler version of bungee jumping
  • Use all available resources to climb up onto the kitchen work-surface and dance to MTV
  • Empty all kitchen cupboards as fast as possible because it sounds so good when everything hits the tiles on the floor
  • Stay up all night – just beacause
  • Paint your siblings with cake mixture, felt pen, paint – possibly all three
  • Wee on the floor in every room of your house – it’s called marking your territory
  • Go on hunger strike to see how long it is before you get ice cream
  • Go to the supermarket in your pj’s –  because you can’t get away with it forever
  • Re-decorate the kitchen with yoghurt
  • Find the biggest puddle in the whole world and jump right in, then cry and demand to be carried a mile home


Toddlers…they are basically pint size lunatics who manage to be breathtakingly adorable all at the same time. A bit like my mini Clark Kent here!

What would be on your toddler’s bucket list?

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