How to effectively protect your skin from the sun?

We all know that the sun has a lot of benefits for our bodies, including strengthening our immune system and maintaining strong bones. However, too much exposure can do more harm than good. It may lead to premature ageing, sun spots as well as put us at risk of developing cancer. To avoid such, scientists recommend the usage of suncare products for skin protection that not only let us stay healthy, but also to achieve a perfect tan. What other valuable tips can we point out and are all of them effective at preventing skin damage?

The dangers of sun exposure

Even though the sun is a great source of Vitamin D and generally improves not only our looks but also mood, it can bring much negative consequences when we spend too much time outside. As we all know, it gives off two types of UV rays, including UVA and UVB. The first one penetrates deeply into our skin, causing symptoms of ageing, much wrinkles and liver spots. The latter, though, is even more dangerous as it is most likely to bring about skin cancer, including melanoma. Therefore, both rays affect not only the condition of our skin but also our health in general, sometimes proving to be way harmful than we would have thought.

How to stay safe in the sun?

Naturally, during the summer months, skin care is an essential part of our everyday life, even if we do not expose ourselves to the light too much. Temperatures tend to be way higher and sometimes unbearable. 

What steps should we take to ensure maximum skin protection and limit our UV exposure? Let’s find out!

Choose the right suncare products for body

The most effective and frequently used method – applying an appropriate type of sunscreen to our body. Given that many are fans of tanning, not only during the summer months, drug stores are full of these types of products, offering protection from both UVA and UVB. We all vary and have different skin types, thus the availability of different SPFs, including 30, 50 or even higher, is quite high. Of course, while on beach vacation, it is best to use the so-called water-resistant suncare products for skin protection. Apply it to parts most sun-exposed, specifically your shoulders, neck and back, as those are areas that get burned easily. Be aware, though, to reapply it every few hours, as it may wash off due to sweat.

Protect your face!

Many agree that our face is our “business card”, though taking care of its health should be our daily routine. With too much sunlight, we not only fall into disfavour of possible wrinkles but also sun spots that are hard to get rid of. To avoid such, using the right suncare products for face protection may come in handy. We only have to apply the lotion 30 minutes before going out to let the skin absorb it. To enhance the effect and ensure maximum security, we may also do some basic makeup and, remembering about the fragility of our eyes, shield them with glasses as well as cover our heads with hats and caps.

Peak hours are a no-go

Naturally, the summer months are great for sleeping in. We get up later than usual and go out for fun activities during the hottest hours of the day. If possible, avoid staying in the sun from 10 am to 4 pm. When you decide to go out, try to stay in the shade as much as you can. Sometimes even the beforehand application of suncare products for skin may not be enough to protect you – additional accessories such as an umbrella or light clothing might also be of use.

After sun care – soothe your skin!

Even though we are aware of the dangers sun may bring us, some may not think much of it, thus getting sunburned very easily. When such situation happens, it is important to utilise after sun care products that both soothe and calm our skin. Gels or Sprays with additional Aloe will impart a cooling sensation, nourish and rejuvenate complexion, while keeping it from dehydration and ensuring we do not feel too much irritation. If you feel sunburned, apply the product as soon as you return to your place of staying and let the skin absorb it. For most, it is best to leave it for the night, but it might require us not to wear too tight clothing.

How to get a perfect and healthy tan?

As said before, the appropriate amount of sun is beneficial to not only our immune system but also our appearance. It is no surprise that a little bronze is welcome, bringing up our best features and helping us gain confidence. If you are of a lighter tone, using a tanning lotion, either in the form of a bronzing oil or an accelerator, may come in your favour. Of course, it will deepen the effects, but be sure to utilize such products prudently. Those with darker skin are free to reach for any type of suncare lotion intended for their natural shade. It will be of much stronger composition to enhance results and highlight your beauty. No matter what assortment you use, remember to handle it appropriately. Do not prejudge it and, if feeling burnt, apply after sun care to prevent further consequences.


  1. I where sun screen on my face all year round. Top from my friends mum who looks twenty years younger than her real age.

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