How to pay for Christmas in three Sundays

How are you doing with your Christmas preparations? More importantly perhaps, how are you managing your Christmas spending? It can be a costly time of year for many families, everybody manages their finances differently, and some better than others, but there are ways of paying for Christmas quickly.

Coople is the easiest way to get job offers that fit around your life, directly to your mobile. Joining is free and it only takes five minutes. Coople is Europe’s number one flexible work platform, connecting people and companies, and finds qualified, available employees in the hospitality, events & promotion, retail, business services and commercial sectors within hours. If you could offer a few hours over a few weeks in one of these sectors, Christmas would be paid for in no time at all!

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To give you an idea of companies they work with, they have recently placed Coopler’s at the likes of Deliveroo, JustEast, Intercontinental Hotels and Topshop. If you have older children, this could also be a good way of them getting into part-time work. Perhaps they want to save for a holiday with their friends next year?

Through the app, users and companies can rate each other, providing a clear and open network of trusted, skilled staff and dependable businesses. Coople provides tens of thousands of employees (“Cooplers”) to thousands of businesses, takes care of all right-to-work checks, admin and payroll, and fills 98% of roles within four hours. Operating since 2011, Coople has offices in London, Zurich and Lausanne.

How Coople works in a nutshell? 

Employers send out job requests to a pool of employees (Cooplers), who show their interest and then the employers choose who they’d like to cover shifts by reviewing the Coopler’s profile, CV, experience etc.

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Benefits to the Coopler:

  • Work flexibly: accept and decline jobs depending on your interest and availability; variety of part-time, full-time and weekend work available; shifts that last from one day, to one month (depending on the employer)
  • Paid weekly
  • Rating system allows you to find out what other Cooplers think of employers before you accept work
  • Jobs requests get sent to your phone, so no need to waste time searching
  • You can gain a variety industry experience and begin building an impressive CV

Something to consider if someone in your family is looking for part-time, flexible employment – so what are you waiting for? Sign up today!


  1. That does look like a good idea. I’ve worked self-employed through agencies for a long period, and this would have been so much better than awaiting phone calls or pestering them to find me a job!

  2. This sounds very interesting! I wish I’d seen it before Christmas but it might be just the thing to help pay for the January sales. 😉

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