How to save time doing tasks and chores online

Time never seems to be something that any of us have a lot of these days. We all rush around constantly from place to place with very little time to spare.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for ways to use my time more effectively. Life admin and general everyday chores can take up a huge amount of time everyday. Here are a few ways of clawing back some of that time to allocate elsewhere.

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Online food shopping

Online food shopping is something I find saves a huge amount of time. I can order the shopping anywhere via my smartphone. So, perhaps I have a few minutes before the children come out of school. Or, maybe whilst I’m sat waiting for an appointment? We all have these pockets of time we could put to use.

That’s a real time saver compared to driving to the shops, time in the shop and driving home. If you haven’t tried it, give it a go – could be a gave changer!

House cleaning apps

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If only there was an app which actually cleaned the house right? Sadly I haven’t found one yet. There are however a number of apps you can use to schedule the tasks in your home and create reminders for certain things.

These apps just make the whole thing a bit more manageable. If you are anything like me then your will no doubt feel that you are literally going around in circles some days trying to keep on top of the house.

Why not try one of these apps and see if they make a difference. Sadly, they aren’t going to do the job for you, but they can make the tasks seem less overwhelming and therefore more manageable.

Online purchases

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These days we can buy pretty much anything online. You can buy toilet roll, shampoo, birthday gifts, Calpol, flowers, grit for your driveway, top soil for your garden and so much more without even leaving your house.

You can buy online lottery tickets on your mobile, from wherever you happen to be at the time you remember you need to get a ticket, order an entire food shop or even book cinema tickets and a holiday.

This digitally connected world we live in has many benefits, some of these relate to time saved on tasks like these.

Life admin

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Life admin can be a total bore can’t it? Arranging car insurance, travel insurance, changing addresses with various places when you move house, ordering that replacement driving licence, making a complaint about that dodgy meat you had, the list can go on and on and on.

How on earth do we find the time to fit all these tasks in when the day is already rammed full?

One way you can begin to tackle some of these things is to address them online. Sometimes a complaint can be sorted out over Twitter for example, or addresses changed by chatting via on online chat system. Lots of the time you can email people rather than have to spend ages on a call or physically going to see them – all of this can save time (not always, but most of the time).

Do you have any top tips for how to save time doing tasks and chores online? Do share them in a comment below.

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