Learning begins at home: Spring activity worksheet

From the moment your children are born their learning journey begins and they are sponges of life and all it encompasses.

Every moment of every day is a potential learning opportunity.

My children seem to have an enormous amount of homework (or home learning as it is referred to) and sometimes, like all parents I get caught out because I don’t happen to have the required number of empty loo rolls on that specific day.

I don’t like to overload the children, but often they crave new opportunities to learn things or to try out the skills they are developing.

Why not think about Spring and practice their reading and vocabulary with this fun match-up. Be sure to follow Education.com for more reading skills practices, printables, and resources just like this. You can also check out @education_com on Pinterest and Twitter.

Download your own copy here

I’ve included a download link above, so you can print this at home and try it out with your own children.

How do you support your children’s learning at home?

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