Modern Interior Design Features

We all take pride in our homes, for one reason or another. It may be how warm and inviting it is on cold evenings, or just how your interior space is user friendly. Sometimes our homes can see us change in so many ways, from being single, to getting married or even starting a family. The interior designs possibly change at each stage of your life. However, one interior design look is always going to work well whatever your circumstance. That is taking a modern approach. With that in mind, I thought I would share with you some of the modern interior design features you just shouldn’t ignore.

The use of natural light

It’s important to let as much natural light into your home as possible. It’s a great feature and costs you completely nothing. Natural light can brighten up your space and give any room a different feel. It can inject energy and purpose into any space. Make sure you take advantage by window dressing in a certain way. Utilise thinner materials or have curtains and blinds pulled back for more light to get in. If some of the rooms don’t have a lot of light, then make sure you choose light fixtures that provide a more contemporary light.


The Use of Beautiful Balustrades

One fantastic way to spruce up a modern home is with the use of stunning balustrade systems, for example on staircases. Balustrades can be manufactured utilising a number of high quality and eye-pleasing materials such as wood, steel, metal, glass and complex rope systems that use a mixture of those materials.

Glass looks really elegant and clean for a new modern home whereas dark wood might be more complimentary to an older home or a new build that is going for an old English feel. Whatever design and material you choose, you can be sure that a balustrade system will make your staircase more aesthetically pleasing.

Clean and modern lines

The impression of a modern home is all white washed and no personality, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. While of course, that contemporary design looks fabulous, it wouldn’t work for families. Can you imagine the finger prints on the white walls and furniture? So don’t be afraid to inject some personality into your design and be bold with your colour choices. You can still create clean and modern lines without everything being white.

Metallic features

One feature that works well with any design or colour palette is metallic features. From handrail systems on staircases through to little accessories for styling each room. Metallic finishes work very well and are also tend to be hard wearing.

Inviting spaces

While it’s nice to create a modern design in your home, the one thing you should never forget is the comfort. Those rooms need to be inviting. So any living spaces could incorporate comfortable sofas and a lot of soft furnishing style. Make each room inviting and warm, without scrimping on the modern design features. It’s easier when making more informed choices and furniture is one of the ways you can do that. For example, hard wearing leather will always have that modern edge, while still being inviting and pleasing on the eye. It is also easy to clean!


No clutter

Finally, one of the major things about a modern interior design is the lack of clutter. There is a fine line between being minimalist and injecting your personality into your home, but one of the big things you should try and rid yourself of is the general clutter. Papers and magazines that are left unread, items that just need putting back where they belong. Organising your home can make such a huge difference. 


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