Creating a practical family living space


Life with children, hey. One minute you’re young, free and single; the next minute you’re wiping down surfaces and moving all your ornaments around so that they don’t pose a hazard. Plus, children are messy and tend to break things as they develop and discover the world around them. Sure, it’s tiring, but you wouldn’t […]

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Modern Interior Design Features


We all take pride in our homes, for one reason or another. It may be how warm and inviting it is on cold evenings, or just how your interior space is user friendly. Sometimes our homes can see us change in so many ways, from being single, to getting married or even starting a family. […]

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Little designers


Do you remember Spirograph? Did you ever have one as a child? I remember a friend buying me one for a birthday gift one year and I loved it. The good news is these kits are still around and they are better than ever. These are a classic way to create amazing designs BUT these […]

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