Creating a functional bedroom for your child

When it comes to creating a bedroom for your child there are always lots of things to think about:

How long does this room need to last?

Will they need to share the room?

Is their bedroom also going to be their play space?

How much storage do you need?

What will be the best type of bed to go for?

Do you need furniture that will grow with your child?

How will you create a place they can relax and get a good night’s sleep?

Will the room have to be used for anything else?

What colours will you go for?

Will there be a theme?


There really is a lot to consider, and as your children get older they will no doubt want to be more involved in the planning. If you do work on it as a project together you are likely to find they have a better reaction…although I can’t guarantee if you have a child who is a total sleep thief that they will sleep any better!

The best bedrooms are those that last. Even if you move from a toddler bed to a larger bed at a later date, you might be able to keep other aspects of the room.

Children are fickle. One minute they like Peppa Pig, the next day the next day Barbie, Batman or Dora the Explorer.

Going along a strong theme can sometimes be a mistake. You can find yourself changing everything in the room at the whim of your child, and none of us can really afford to be doing that. One way around this is to try and create a functional bedroom where you can change a few things along the way, as preferences and likes and dislikes change over time.


There are some fantastic options around with regards to bedroom furniture that can grow with your child, and  you can get really clever beds too. Changing the configuration of a room can help and going for neutral colours can also help, as with strong colours you run the risk of children going off them quickly.

As your children get older you may want to add things that can help facilitate family life, like a homework desk for example. There are some great options at Room to Grow, and again neutral colours that will stand the test of time.

With great pieces like these in a child’s bedroom you can create a whole new look just by changing things like curtains and bedding and adding pictures to the walls. Clever shortcuts like these should see it through a few more years.


Keeping your child happy is important because their bedroom is a special place for them, but taking a few shortcuts makes it a bit kinder to your bank balance.


  1. I completely agree that a child’s bedroom is their special space. We have changed our children’s bedrooms a few times based on their current likes and dislikes. x

  2. A kids bedroom should be their happy place. So in their 5 years we never threatened them with going to bed without dinner, or the other obligatory “Go to your room!” Also we are fortunate enough that their room doesn’t need to be used for anything else so it can be just the room they go to sleep in. Surely that will change as they get older. But for the moment we are happy with their attitude towards bedtime and they seem to be very happy with their bedroom. #sharewithme

  3. We’ve recently swapped bedrooms with our little girl to give her more room as she grows. And she loves it! We just need a blackout blind in her room now, instead of the duvet hanging from the curtain rail!! Thanks for hosting #ShareWithMe

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