Bedroom shuffle


I’m in the middle of a playroom makeover at the moment. Of course this has now sparked lots of other sorting, shuffling, de-cluttering and so on. What is it about spring that sparks that? The New Year can be a time for change but spring, when the daffodils are popping up and the baby lambs […]

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Clever space saving hacks

space saving

Most of us wish we had a bigger house. There never seems to be enough space to keep everything neat and tidy. If your family is getting bigger but your house isn’t you may need to try one or two of these clever hacks to make your home work better for you: Downstairs The play […]

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Four ways to update your child’s bedroom

As your children grow and mature they will naturally outgrow their bedroom. Your child’s bedroom is a space to call their own so it’s essential that the space reflects both their personality and their age. However, this can be tough on a parent: emotionally, and more importantly, financially. Consequently, it’s helpful to stick to designs […]

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