Nail the school run with these top tips

The school run. Something you could potentially be doing for many years. Here are some tips on making it as smooth as possible.

Preparation, preparation, preparation

Part of nailing the school run is about preparation the night before. It can feel like a treadmill, but getting as much done the night before really helps out the following morning.

Make lunch boxes the night before, and in the winter you can put them in the car overnight as it will be as cold as your fridge, I either do that or pop them in the porch which isn’t heated. In the warmer weather I have to remember to get them out of the fridge which is harder.

Water bottles can be made up the night before, money for that trip, labelled and with the things to go, school clothes out and so on. I warm up school shoes and coats on the radiator in the winter, as it helps anyone who is having a sense of humour failure about getting up.

You can even lay out the breakfast things, cereal can be put in the bowls and covered over until morning. Basically anything that’s going to save you time in the morning and make life easier and your routine more slick.

Early riser

Be an early riser – TRY to be up before the children, so you can get your shower in and get dressed at least before anyone else stirs.

I know this can be tricky, as us sleep deprived parents need every minute we can get.

This plan doesn’t always work out, but when it does it makes a massive difference to how the morning goes.

Gently does it

2/4 of our children are NOT morning people. They do not respond well to being rushed in the mornings and can begin armageddon if you don’t approach with caution.

If you have the same issue, try going into them about 15-20 mintutes BEFORE you need them to get up. Open curtains and talk to them gently and quietly. I normally tell mine something nice the day has in store for them too.

You can then pop back again before you have to get the big guns out.

Google maps

If you drive to school set your google maps or equivalent so it notifies you of any issues on your route. I wish I’d done this ages ago. It just means you have time to plan an alternative route or get out a bit earlier if nessessary.

There’s nothing more frustrating that getting out on time and then getting caught up in traffic you could have avoided.

Baby wipes

Whether you walk or drive to school with the children carry baby wipes – you never know when a monster sneeze will strike and cover everyone in snot or when you’ll spot that all the children are covered in toothpaste – did they actually get any in their mouths?


  1. It is very hard to get my daughter out of the door on time, she takes so long to get ready. I do make her lunch and get her clothes ready the night before. I get up at 6:30am so that I am all ready to go nice and early

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