New York and London are Best For Family Friendly Food Culture

Should you be looking to eat out in any of the big cities around the world, you’ll want to make sure there’s plenty of choice on offer. You might be surprised at the number of national cuisines you can discover in the surrounding streets.

Whether the kids fancy a challenge and something new or want to stick with some reliable cooking they really like, there are plenty of options out there.

A new interactive tool by the legal firm of Bott & Co attempts to highlight the biggest global cities with the most diverse food scenes. The company have listed the top 50 locations where you’re able to hop from one nationality to another and partake of some really interesting meals.

food of the world

Let’s take a quick look at the top five on the foodie list:

1. New York

Culturally diverse because of the range of nationalities setting up home there, you won’t be surprised to find New York at the top of the list with 94 cuisines from around the world. That includes the usual French, Italian and Chinese but you’ll also discover the taste of Mongolian, Iraqi and Nigerian food with plenty of restaurants to tantalise you taste buds. If the kids just fancy a burger, there’s always an American feast or two to keep them happy.

2. London

The UK capital isn’t that far behind New York with 89 different nationalities represented on the foodie front. The restaurants are more spread out than in many other cities but you can still find a host of interesting cuisines to take advantage of. Hit the wilds of Wood Green if you fancy some Congolese fayre or you can find some decent Romanian dishes down in Morden. London is one of the most family friendly cities in the world with plenty to see and do.

food of the world

3. Toronto

Toronto is next on the list with 73 nationalities and, as with many other cities, it’s all pretty varied. You can sample some Grenadian food in the city centre, head to the dock area for some delicious Thai or find excellent Sri Lankan cooking out in Scarborough.

4. Chicago

Another American city fits in at number 4 on the list with 66 national cuisines on offer, including Dominican, Japanese, Greek and Polish. Chicago is a hub for business gatherings from all around the world as well as a major tourist destination, so it’s no wonder the food has to be good.

food of the world

5. Paris

You may have thought Paris would be a little higher on the list but it still boasts 65 national cuisines. There’s a lot to choose from including Swedish cooking on the Rue de Rivoli and Venezuelan specialities at Notre Dame. In many restaurants around the region, dining is truly a family affair and you can find plenty of places that cater for kids as well as adults.

Other cities that figure highly on the list might surprise you. Dubai makes a decent entry into the top ten with 62 national cuisines represented, while Tokyo isn’t to far behind with 58.

The interactive tool uses a colour coded system to highlight different types of food, everything from North and South American to European and Asian. Click on a particular city and you’ll get an even more detailed outline of individual restaurants and their ethnicity. The tool links into Google Maps so clicking on a colour spot will come up with all the location details and more.

You can now see the interactive tool ‘Which Cities Have the Most Diverse Food Scenes’ on the Bott & Co website.


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