Making life easy with EasiYo


A few years ago I really got into making yoghurt at home with an EasiYo maker I picked up at The Baby Show in Birmingham. The children loved it and the variety of flavours. We had fresh yoghurt everyday, either on its own or with cereal. It became part of a daily routine and it […]

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Ignite your tastebuds

prawn dishes

Chinese New Year is fast approaching, this year from 7th-13th February people will be celebrating. 2016 is the Year of the Monkey. In line with Chinese New Year, I’ve been trying out some Firecracker dishes with Tilda Firecracker Limited Edition Rice to ignite the tastebuds. Here is a really easy dish I have called “Firecracker Prawns”. […]

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Cooking for pleasure

I love to cook but much of the time these days, cooking ends up being a functional thing. Just one more thing to tick off on the to-do list each day. I have loads of cookery books but rarely use them . Most of the time I cook from memory or I make it up […]

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Dining in

I recently wrote about why staying in is better than going out. If you missed that you can read it here. I also wrote recently about how much I love to cook, but how spending time cooking for pleasure is something I rarely have time to do. I think I have discovered something that combines a […]

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Quick and healthy breakfast tips

When you have a busy morning and lots of other people to organise, get dressed and get out of the door, it can be hard to remember to have breakfast yourself, let alone find the time to eat it. Before you know it, it’s closer to lunchtime than breakfast and there are a whole set […]

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