Planning ahead for the new school year: name labels

I know, I know, we aren’t at the end of term yet and I’m talking about preparing to go back to school. Sorry!

It pays to be organised

It really does pay to be organised. The ONE year I decided i was going to be a bit more relaxed about everything and just get things done in the second half of the summer holiday when everyone else was already sorted…yes, you’ve guessed it, everyone had sold out of everything I wanted.

I was so cross with myself. Never again!

Of course it’s not just the buying of the uniform, school shoes, bags and so on is it? One of the things that can be really time consuming can be adding name labels to things.

Days gone by

I remember as a child my dad used to sit for hours and sew in name labels into my uniform, I think, from memory, by the time it came around to needing to do my brother’s uniform as well, he’d delegated to my grandmother.

Easier these days

These days, name labelling doesn’t need to be time consuming or tricky in the same way as it used to be. There are loads of options for labelling uniform and school supplies.

I’ve used a combination of a stamp with the children’s names on and stickers for years. I find a combination tends to work best as some methods aren’t suitable for everything.

This year I’ve ordered some stickers from Byhappyme. Their tags are iron-free and can of course be machine washed – as easy as it gets. They are just little things, but they make busy life a little bit easier.

These are so easy to use. You just have to place the name tags on the clothes, no need to iron or sew. Does it get any easier? I find these super quick to use when I’ve got four sets of uniform to label.

Byhappyme has its own production department, so when you order on their website you can choose an icon, a font and of course the text and then the order will end up directly in their system with name tags made especially for you. They will be shipped to your address within a few days. The ordering system is really easy to use and within few minutes you can design your own name tags.

It’s about making your life easier

Byhappyme’s main goal is to make the life of families with young children easier. I love this! The name tags are a perfect example of that. Family life is busy and these little things make a massive difference.

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