The World Food Map: who is eating the healthiest?

I was listening to a book on Audible the other day about gut health. The discussion was about the different types of diets in the world and they concluded that the two healthiest diets are the Mediterranean diet and the Japanese diet. These are the two diets that are considered to be the best for overall gut health, which has an impact on your overall health and well-being of course.

More and more scientists are linking illness and disease to problems in the gut, meaning that what we eat really matters.

UK diet plan brand, Shake That Weight, have made The World Food Map. A nutrition label of kcal, salt, fat, sugar, protein and carbs for every country in the world. It’s fascinating stuff, so I thought I’d share their findings with you.

It seems that in Australia they are doing pretty well, featuring as ‘low’ on everything, although, that includes protein which is not a good thing.

In Russia, it’s high carbs, but low on everything else. The results for the USA are quite surprising as they list as only ‘medium’ on salt, sugar, and fat- can that be right? Yet Canada lists as high in fat, yet they are low on sugar. Perhaps these are good fats?

Unsurprisingly the UK is high on fat, carbs, calories and salt – but then low on sugar. This can’t be right surely? Especially with the need for sugar tax!

China is a bit of a mixed bag, seems fairly balanced but then has very high sugar consumption. This surprises me compared to the USA and UK – what do you think?

Looking at these maps, which countries results do you find either most shocking or indeed surprising?

Thinking about your own personal consumption – what are the areas you and your family need to work on? I’ve made a conscious effort to increase the amount of protein and decrease sugar in the last couple of years.


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