The World Food Map: who is eating the healthiest?

I was listening to a book on Audible the other day about gut health. The discussion was about the different types of diets in the world and they concluded that the two healthiest diets are the Mediterranean diet and the Japanese diet. These are the two diets that are considered to be the best for overall gut health, which has an impact on your overall health and well-being of course.

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Confused about sugars?


Confusion Parents, are you confused about sugars? It’s very easy to be, given all the different labelling on foods and drinks and the often contradictory advice from professionals about what our children should and shouldn’t eat. Have you ever been told one thing by your dentist, another by a doctor or nurse and something else […]

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Trick or treat?

Are you all ready for Halloween?  What sorts of things do you give out to trick or treaters who call around? As much as I don’t mind children having a few treats, I am conscious about what goes into their systems, so I love finding out about alternatives that make me feel better about what […]

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