Pregnancy and your body

During your pregnancy, over nine months, (or ten months with each of mine!) you see a lot changes in your body and your life. Here, are a few tips  to get you through.

Take a Prenatal Vitamin

Your baby’s neural cord, which becomes the brain and spinal cord, develops within the first month of pregnancy, so start taking a good Prenatal Vitamin right from the initial days and make sure you get essential nutrients, like folic acid, calcium, and iron. Try taking them post dinner or a with light snack if you struggle with taking supplements, or look for a liquid form you can add to a soft drink perhaps. If you are actively planning a pregnancy it’s worth starting supplements from that moment.


Work out regularly

Staying active is a must for most mums to be. Regular exercise helps you control your weight, improve circulation, boost your mood, and help you sleep better. Aim for 30 minutes of exercise most days of the week and you find it difficult do some yoga or stretches. Don’t overdo it though either. A good balance is the best but this isn’t always easy to achieve, especially if this is not your first pregnancy and you have other children to care for, or if you are working long hours. If nothing else, try and get in a brisk walk each day. I found swimming great during my first pregnancy but it wasn’t so easy to find the time in subsequent pregnancies.

Educate Yourself

You could attend a childbirth class to help you feel more prepared for delivery. Even if you think you know it all, you should get something from the experience. Learn more about childbirth and infant care and you can also ask specific questions and voice any concerns. You’ll also become more acquainted with the facility where you plan to have your baby, gauge the set up and meet some of the staff.


Also this a good time to brush up on your family’s medical history. Talk to your doctor about problems with past pregnancies and let them know about any other illness in family, including the child’s grandparents. It’s a good time to get things like your thyroid checked out if there is a family history for example.

Eat healthily and pamper your body

Pregnancy is definitely a time for pampering, buy yourself new shoes because as your bump grows, so may your feet  – or at least they may feel like they are. Go for body spas and massages if you can afford them. If you can’t, buy yourself some nice pampering products for home and create your own spa retreat. Eat healthy and rich food like cereals, wheat germ, fruits and fresh juice. Splurge into good fishes, because fish is high in omega 3s, and occasionally munch onto your favorite snack! Read magazines, play some fun online bingo games or poker if that’s your thing, such as Rehab Bingo before you go to bed, or relax with a good book or TV show. Make sure you get ten hours of sleep as well.

Of course lots of these things only apply to your first pregnancy because after that there will be no such luxuries. If this isn’t your first pregnancy then prioritise healthy eating and try to find some time to relax at home when your other children are sleeping.

Happy pregnancy and happy parenting.


  1. Great advice my neice gollowed this advice and is now reaping the rewards of looking after herself

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