Share With Me #27

Welcome to the Share With Me Blog Hop where I have enjoyed linking up for a long time now myself. After almost three years, the lovely Jenny from Let’s Talk Mommy has decided she needs to pass the reins due to work and family commitments. I’m the lucky girl who now has those reins and feel very flattered that Jenny asked me.

I do hope you will stick with #sharewithme through the early teething issues and continue to join in each week. Jenny will be linking when she can and still visiting your lovely blogs I am sure.

Do go easy with me as I am new to this hostess lark and feel free to contact me at @MummyFever or if you need to.

My favourite post from last week came from Silly Mummy, who wrote “How parents of babies and toddlers are bad for the environment” I basically nodded and smirked my way through this as it is all SO true! It’s a MUST READ so get over there!

The Rules:

  • Please read the rules
  • Link up to TWO posts each week
  • Please add the badge to the posts you link, or a linkback to Mummy Fever
  • Tweet your link to me @MummyFever using the #sharewithme hashtag if you would like and I will RT
  • Comment on the HOST post and at least two others
  • If you get a chance share a couple of other posts via twitter – sharing is caring right?
  • All genres are welcome

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  1. Hi lovely lady, sorry it’s been so busy haven’t had time to pop over and see how you are getting along. Will link up this week and share around hoping it’s moving great for you and you are enjoying it!!! 😉 And the extra traffic (missing that on my end hahaha). Thanks again for hosting. Hope all is well with family. #sharewithme

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