A shock to the system

Last night my youngest little man (now 22 months) slept through the night for the first time…in his own bed! Great right? Hmmmm….

On the surface, yes it should have been great. I slept in my own bed, all night, didn’t have to get out of bed for anyone in the night. Woke up and the rest of the house was still asleep, so I even managed a shower lasting more than 30 seconds (normally the max time permitted on any normal school day, as that is around the time limit before someone needs my intervention) .

So far, so good.

Got myself dressed and ready, all four children up and dressed, hair done, breakfast. Still all good.

Eldest gets in the car ready to go, I put youngest in car . Eldest says “Mummy what are you doing? It’s 8.45” – “Don’t be silly I say, It’s 8.35, we are fine” – “Erm, Mummy look..” as she points at the clock in the car which does in fact say 8.45. At which point I look at my phone, which also says 8.45.


I dash back into the kitchen and look at my “trustworthy” kitchen clock which we use all the time to decide when it is time to leave the house. Apparently, today it is having a lie in, as it is reading 8.35.

2016-03-22 22.35.38_resized


Put last two children in car.

Set off to school, knowing full well we can’t get there in time.

Meet a digger, then a lost sheep, then someone who just can’t drive.

Arrive at school, apologise and drop two eldest off.

Panic over, eldest has not missed school trip departure.

road blockage

Set off for playgroup. Arrive at playgroup and realise that the £10 I was supposed to take with me to give to another mum as a contribution to end of year gifts is in fact, at home.

Apologise again.

Leave one child at playgroup, set off with one remaining child and realise that I still have the two carrier bags full of empty cardboard boxes required by second eldest for a school project. The same bags that I made sure went into the car the night before, just to make sure we didn’t forget them.

All before 9.45am!

I have concluded from this that my youngest sleeping through the night was a complete shock to the system, lulled me into a false sense of security and basically messed up my brain.

Fortunately, the sleeping through the night thing turned out to be a one off and normal service was resumed last night. As a result, my normal sleep-deprived yet highly functioning self is back to normal today…oh and the clock has new batteries too!

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