Stocking filler ideas from Zimpli

I always think stockings are such fun. They’ve always been my favourite part of Christmas Day morning. 

I loved opening stockings as a child, seeing what Santa had left for everyone. These days it’s still such a fun part of Christmas morning. The children read out their letters from the elves who have helped pack the stocking and everyone sits together snuggled up on our bed to see what they’ve got. Its magical.

We all know that Santa and the elves need a bit of assistance as Christmas approaches, so why not suggest a few products from the Zimpli range?

You can get all sorts from Zimpli, some of their popular products include the Gelli and Slime Baff. Gelli Baff is a fun bath time product that lets you turn water into goo and back again! By adding Gelli Baff powder to water, you can create a thick colourful goo. By simply adding a second ‘dissolver’ powder, the goo turns back to coloured water to be drained away safely and easily.

​Slime Baff turns your bath water into a gooey, oozy bath of slime. By just adding more water, the slime can be diluted into coloured water that can be safely drained away.

We’ve been trying these out lately, as well as their new Chocolate Emoji Maker. Chocolate emoji® Maker is their creative chocolate toy that lets you design and create your own chocolate emoji.

​Place the chocolate sachets in a bowl of warm tap water, wait for the chocolate to melt, and then get arty creating your favourite emoji!

–   Makes 2 bars!
–   Made with the finest Belgian chocolate.
–   No need for a microwave or boiling water.
–   Melt chocolate using nothing but warm tap water!
–   Draw your favourite Emoji!

Chocolate emoji®️ Maker 2 Bar Pack Includes; 

100% Belgian Chocolate; 2 x 45g Bags of Milk  Chocolate, 2 x 15g Bags of White Chocolate, 2 x 8g Bags of Dark Chocolate
2 x Tray Moulds, emoji®️ stencils and Instructions. 
Makes 2 Bars

Having done this with two of my children I can safely say that ours didn’t look anything like those on the box, they were really quite tricky to do, but still lots of fun and apparently tasted great – that’s the main thing right?

We love their Snow Ball Battle Pack, something we are looking forward to this Winter.

All great stocking filler ideas and so much fun. If, like us you have a child with eczema or very sensitive skin they can still join in as you can use things like the Gelli Baff in a tub as sensory play. Its not just for the bath. If the skin on their hands is likely to be affected, try rubber gloves on them.

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