The busy mummies guide to finishing a marathon

So a few weeks ago I wrote an article called “The busy mummies guide to running a marathon“.

Sunday 14th June was marathon day.

My training plan hadn’t really altered since I wrote the article above. So lots of running up the stairs, lots of squats and heel raises whilst ironing, constant wearing of our 9 month old in the Baby Bjorn, and a few laps of the outside of the house two weeks ago when a friend was over for the weekend and watched the children for me.


Once again, I wouldn’t advocate this training preparation but what I know now is that after 4 babies and zero official training I can still run a marathon.

For me, running a marathon is 80% mind and 20% body…which is a good job really.

This was one of the times when it was easy to break down the race in my head. A marathon is 26.2 miles or 42 km, so for me that was 10km dedicated to each of the children and then the last 2km just for me.

So I spent the first 10km thinking about this beauty:


The next 10km thinking about this comic genius:


The next 10km thinking about this little Houdini:


The next 10km thinking about this little cherub:


And the last 2km thinking I did it, I did it, I did it.

Every marathon I have ever done has it’s low and high points. This time it went a bit like this:

Low points

  • The first mile – thinking what was I thinking?
  • The sun – I was willing it to rain
  • The poor marshaling in sections – meaning I had to double back four times during the race
  • My ever expanding boobs that really needed to feed my little man
  • The salt from the sea stinging my face
  • The man who told me “it’s downhill from here” – lies!

High points

  • The end of each 10km section
  • The halfway marker
  • The 20 mile marker
  • The children who lined the streets and high fived the runners
  • Running along Penny Lane listening to a DJ playing the song
  • Seeing my supporters at the finish line
  • Having the two big kids run the last 100 meters with me – that was my race highlight!


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