Relaxation comes in different forms


What does relaxation mean to you? How do you choose to relax? Everyone has their own idea about what relaxing is and those ideas aren’t always compatible. What is relaxing for one person, might be stressful or difficult for someone else. It’s personal choice. For some people this might be catching up on their favourite […]

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Running fuel

When I was on my way to the start of the marathon the other weekend I was horrified to see about a dozen marathon runners in the queue at the burger van. It makes my stomach churn just thinking about it to be honest. I really can’t think of anything much worse than eating a […]

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Running aids

If you have been reading the blog recently you will have noticed some marathon-related articles. We’ve covered: The busy mummies guide to running a marathon The busy mummies guide to finishing a marathon Marathon recovery tips Now whilst I love setting myself the challenge of the next marathon, I enjoy the race and certainly the […]

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