The fine life

Fancy living the fine life? Don’t we all, but what about just changing a couple of things that you can get more pleasure from?

Following significant success in the US and five-star reviews on Amazon, The Fine Life is launching its highly popular Tea Infuser / Coffee Brewer and Oil Mister in the UK, simple tools that improve day-to-day needs.

If tea or coffee are your thing, you might like:

The Fine Life Ideal Tea Infuser and Coffee Brewer

The Fine Life Ideal Tea Infuser and Coffee Brewer with its patented drain mechanism, releases more flavour than instant coffee or tea bags.

Just add loose tea or coffee and hot water for one or two people. Steeping tea or coffee expands and floats and the fine mesh strainer contains the leaves or grounds, eliminating the need for expensive and wasteful plastic pods or coffee liners. Watch as it steeps to the desired strength before dripping straight into the cup. The extender ring, which is included, means the Infuser will drain into a cup or mug of any size.

Play around with different tea and coffee flavours to find the perfect brew and strength. For a refreshing beverage, drip straight over ice for instant iced tea or coffee.

The BPA-free Infuser is also very easy to clean – simply rinse in warm water. It is quite therapeutic to prepare like this, despite the fact that I spent quite a while pondering over how it was going to get into the mug. Of course, as you sit the infuser on top of your cup or mug the tea/coffee just flows out. It’s as easy as that.

£21.95 from Amazon

2016-04-18 22.36.00

If you enjoy cooking but are always conscious of how much oil you use, you can now adopt a healthier and more cost effective way to cooking with the oil mister:

The Fine Life Ideal Oil Mister

Commercial oil sprayers are filled with chemical propellants and additives, while drizzling and brushing oil on food and pans leads to waste and extra calories being consumed. The easy and wholesome answer is to fill a high-quality durable mister with natural oils.

BPA-free and non-aerosol, The Fine Life Ideal Oil Mister can be used for a wide variety of all-natural oils in cooking. It is also perfect for spritzing balsamic and fine vinegars over salads.

I really love this and wish I’d had one sooner. It is so easy to set up, just pour in you favourite oil to the fill line, replace the cap and pump a few times and then you are ready to go. It is easy to keep clean and store and looks neat on your work surface.

You use less oil with one of these, so less calories are consumed but by spraying a pan you are less likely to stick anything to the bottom of it, so if you ever have that problem, one of these might help.

I wish I’d had this for pancake day!

From £19.95 from Amazon – available in grey, red and black

2016-04-16 14.34.16

Now the exciting part, we are offering one lucky Mummy Fever reader the chance to win both the tea/coffee infuser and the oil mister. Just complete the easy widget below to enter.

UK entrants only please.

Win a Fine Life tea/coffee infuser and oil mister

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    1. 24-09-2012 o 19cÅlA0›ka.K  NapisaÅ‚(a):Gratu1a:je dla wszystkich, a w szczególnoÅ›ci dla SUPER-KOBIETY TERESY!!! PooglÄ…daÅ‚am zdjÄ™cia z trasy, faktycznie trochÄ™ ekstremalna. Chyba nie żaÅ‚ujÄ™, że mnie tam nie byÅ‚o:) Mariusz, wracaj do zdrowia!!!

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    9. Ppl HAVE to respect tthis man! He is THE KING OF SOCA!! Not just because of his music, but the creativity, vision, and boom! the man is eloquent as hell! Love it! Love yuh bad Machel!!! Them 2011 tunes hot as hell!!!!!!

    10. Thank you so much for this information! I am still learning new information everyday! What about lunch meat? Is that high or low fodmaps? How is a ripe banana low fodmaps, and an unripe banana high fodmaps (I saw this on another website)?

    11. Hei Anine! Du, det var jammen meg lurt det med Ã¥ sette en lysestake i lykta!!! Jeg har maken lysestake, nydelig er den. Selv driver jeg og ordner til selskap i morgen. Mye arbeid men sÃ¥ trivelig syssel. StÃ¥r her med en lysestake som liksom ble litt til overs, men nÃ¥ vet jeg sannelig hva jeg skal gjøre med den. Takk for gode ideer og ha en trivelig førjulstid ogsÃ¥! Mvh Anne 🙂

    12. After reading "Wages of terror", I told a friend that it was you best piece ever but now I have to go back and explain myself to him with this piece.Thank G_d he's a dog lover!All the best,BC

  1. I would definitely like to try this for coffee, finding a cafetiere which doesn’t let some of the grinds escape is pretty hard.

  2. what an interesting product – not seen it before so I hope I win. Thank you for the giveaway

  3. Chirk Castle looks beautiful,quite atmospheric and brooding in the rain,quite haunting really,sadly it was upstaged by your gorgeous little boy,that smile,those eyes he’s beautiful.Anyway,back to the question,I love visiting National Trust properties,I haven’t visited any in Wales,or is the castle in Cardiff National Trust as I’ve been there.Blair Atholl Palace in Scotland is beautiful as is Scone Palace,we are so lucky to have so much heritage to explore x

  4. I think I would mainly use it for coffee,it looks fabulous,thank you so much for the chance to win it x

  5. thankyou for such a lovely giveaway ive been after one of these for ages, i brought some cheap silver ones from ebay they are now knacerked ! enjoyed reading this ill definately purchase one if i dont win !!

  6. These both look like amazing ideas – i love balsamic vinegar on salads but tend to dribble too much – My favorite is a raspberry organic one very yummy ! so the spray would be perfect for this.

  7. They sound great; I always want more flavour out the teas I try & the mister would be very useful.

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