Meals in minutes

Miniscoff Organic

I’ve always made the children’s meals myself. I enjoy cooking and meal planning and like to know what’s going into their little tummies. As parents we all have the things that we fixate on a little and sometimes that might seem strange to outsiders, but that is just part of being a parent. What the […]

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Using up left over Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

The amount of Easter Eggs the children get each year is a little obscene. Each year I personally buy them less and less and they seem to end up with more and more. They love to hunt for eggs much more than they actually like eating them. Sound familiar to anyone? The big eggs that […]

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Cheese hacks

cheese hacks

Cheese – so many of us love cheese don’t we? I grew up in a house where one parent loved cheese, one hated it and I was probably in the middle. My dad has always been a big cheese lover and will pretty much each any cheese (as long as he considers it proper cheese […]

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Easy free from pancakes

quick and easy free from pancakes

Pancake Day is fast approaching, Tuesday 9th February this year, for anyone that isn’t sure. What do you like on your pancakes? When I make them at home I get a range of requests for fillings from lemon and sugar, to jam, chocolate, banana, and my dad likes them with peanut butter and jam blurrrrrrrh! […]

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Eggs baked in buffalo tomato

things to do with baked eggs

I’ve been reading about the benefits of eating lots of eggs recently and have been consequently trying lots of different things with eggs. Eggs have been described as a superfood because they contain a little bit of everything our bodies need. On top of that, they are cheap, easy to prepare and incredibly versatile. Baked […]

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Mini chefs: part one

Welcome to the first in our series of articles around ‘Mini Chefs’. All the children love to cook and bake and we spend a lot of time in the kitchen. We use cooking as a form of sensory play as well as making things to eat. Spending time as  mini chefs gives the children a […]

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