The surprising link between flu season and your oral hygiene

Dentist and founder of The Humble.Co, Noel Abdayem educates on the importance of taking oral hygiene seriously this flu season to protect yourself and your family. Read on for more vital information on this.

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No one wants flu do they? Our youngest two have already received the nasal vaccine at school and the older two are having theirs in mid-December. We are all more conscious than ever about hand washing and hand sanitiser but what does dental hygiene have to do with it?

Should you change your toothbrush after a cold/illness & if so, why?

Replacing a toothbrush after illness is the ideal thing to do in a perfect world to prevent the transfer of disease and further bacteria growth. The Replaceable Heads Toothbrush (Boots, £10.99) is perfect to replace your toothbrush in a sustainable and conscious way.

Should you change your toothbrush or store your toothbrush in a different place if a family member has a cold or illness?

It is important to isolate toothbrushes of those who are ill from those who are healthy, to prevent transfer of disease.

How should you dry and store your toothbrush?

Toothbrushes should always be stored in a dry environment and be kept separate from other peoples’ toothbrushes. This can easily be achieved by using individual holders such as the The Humble Brush Stand (Boots, £4).

Sustainable dental and personal care products

The Humble Co. has a range of products aiming for both healthier people and a healthier planet. Whether you are looking for floss picks, cotton swabs, toothpaste tablets with fluoride (my children love using these), brush stands, or bamboo toothbrushes for both kids and adults – there are are tons of useful things for the whole family, that are not harmful to the environment.

All The Humble Co. products are characterised by a set of humble values. It is the combination of these characteristics that is unique and sets The Humble Co. products apart from the rest.

The Humble Co. Product Values (the Humble Ps):

Health/ Wellness products that enhance quality of life by improving lifestyle choices and habits. (Prevention)

Premium products with a production process and final result that provide the consumer with the sense of owning a superior quality product. (Premium)

Evidence-based innovations that are and endorsed by professionals to provide consumers with the confidence to make the switch. (Professional)

Eco-friendly manufacturing, packaging and disposal of the product for the lowest possible environmental footprint. (Planet)

Socially responsible distribution of products to help those most in need – administered by Humble Smile Foundation. (People)

Storytelling in plain and simple language as the basis for communication with the consumers for easy and meaningful identification with the brand. (Plain)

Profitability as the mechanism for driving growth and impact, while keeping products competitive and comfortable in the average consumer cart. (Profit)

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