The things I love about you

You four children have so many wonderful things in common and you are such a little team, but there are also so many unique things about each of you. Here are some of the things I love about you:


  • Your determination to succeed at everything you do
  • Your hardworking and conscientious attitude to life and all it entails
  • Your kindness to your friends and your siblings
  • Your ability to succeed without an ounce of arrogance
  • Your love of and zest for life
  • Your willingness to try new things
  • Your effortless beauty and poise

forest walk

  • Your quick-witted nature and effortless humour
  • Your killer cuddles
  • Your protectiveness over your siblings
  • Your ability to reason out and explain almost anything to anyone at their level
  • Your love of magic
  • Your ability to draw beyond your years
  • Your love of reading
  • Your constant desire to expand your knowledge


  • Your gorgeous eyes
  • Your sweet kisses
  • Your desire for perfection
  • Your love of cooking
  • Your funky dance moves
  • Your adoration of your siblings
  • Your quirky personality
  • Your long and detailed explanations


  • Your sloppy kisses
  • Your ‘knock me over’ type cuddles
  • Your funny belly giggle
  • Your 100 mph approach to life
  • Your excitement over even the smallest of things
  • Your sulky shy face that you give to strangers
  • Your insane vocabulary for one so young

All of this put together makes for a super little team!



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