What are the Benefits of Educational Games in Child Development?

Let’s face it, technology dominates our lives. Research and the COVID-19 pandemic show us that, in addition to many fields, we need new and alternative ways in education. When we consider how far we have advanced in technology and considering its huge impact and role in our lives, the question arises: what is the best way to implement technology into the lives of our children in the safest and most suitable way? And the answer is simple: gamification. Educational games are the best way to modernise our teaching methods and familiarise our children with technology in the safest way. Rather than trying to erase technology from children’s lives, the best way is to take this opportunity and use it to our advantage. Here are 5 benefits educational games have on children’s development:

word game

Increases creativity

We can’t deny the role games play when it comes to creativity – and double this role with what technology can also provide when it comes to gamification. Educational games can play a crucial role in enhancing children’s creative skills by introducing them to a whole new world with a vast range of choices.

Encourages collaboration

Even though there are games that require only one person to play, most games are collaborative. Learning how to communicate with other children, in most educational games, children either make a team or compete against each other. Either way is great as by playing as a team they have an early experience of a sense of togetherness, and by competing against each other they experience a sweet sense of competition.

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kids headphones

Teaches technology

Like I said, no matter how much we try to keep our children away from technology, at some part of their lives, they will have to face the reality: technology is everywhere. From their academic lives to their professional careers, sooner or later they will have to get accustomed to use technology and technological tools. Educational games are a great way to familiarise children with technology at a young age. Rather than shielding children from technology, getting them accustomed to it with the help of educational games would be a practical approach!

Teaches them to observe the rules

If not all, most children have difficulty in obeying some rules at some part of their lives, and as we know, games have rules. By teaching children to abide by the rules through these not too rigid and simple game rules, you can make your children familiarise themselves with the concept of rules, when and how to abide by them and what would be the benefits if abided and costs if not.


Enhances strategic thinking and problem-solving skills

In every game, the players have to think strategically and solve some kind of problem in order to win. A study completed at the University of Manchester in 2016 shows that “playing interactive educational games may have a positive impact on children’s problem-solving skills and engage them in advanced mathematical thinking.”. Educational games require children to make fast and smart decisions to reach the desired end. This decision-making process helps them sharpen their strategic-thinking and problem-solving skills and these skill-sets will help them a lot in their future lives and careers.

These five benefits which can be multiplied, show us that instead of worrying and trying to separate kids from the technology that is such a huge part of their lives, we should adopt the view of not considering education and technology as two competing things, but rather consider them as partners in the fight to help educate children. Twin App offers the safe and moderated platform that every parent wishes for in adopting such a view! Addressing children from ages 7 to 12, Twin App offers many things! From games and lessons in coding and 10.000 STEM+A Trivia questions to exclusive DIY projects and live shows with STEM experts, Twin app could set the perfect ground to start shattering the preconceived ideas of technology and education being two distinct fields. Remember, in the age of computers and the internet, technology and education cannot and should not be separated for the sake of our children. 


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