Some of the Best E-Sports Games on the Planet

Few articles on E-Sports games will escape the mention of League of Legends, so this one will be no exception. League of Legends as an E-Sport is the professional competition version of the MOBA or multiple online battle arena video game. So, what is an E-Sport? Well, it stands for electronic sports and is a word used to describe this professional competitive scene. Now, let us discover more about the top E-Sports and Best UK casinos 2022 that you can play.

League of Legends

League of Legends (LoL) is the type of game that requires teamwork as well as high levels of synergy, making it ideal for an E-Sport. Many video games have been adapted to be E-sports. This customisable game will allow for many championship combinations.

For those not familiar with LoL, because you are new to E-Sports, it is a battle arena game that can be played by lots of players. It was created by the same person as Dota. Its game designer, Guinsoo, also created his Dota Allstars map whilst Pendragon (now a Director of Community Relations for LoL) created the website that would grow the community around this map. The key staff of Riot Games, the company that Guinsoo would take a job with, became the inspiration for LoL’s characters. Every game creator or writer has to base their characters on someone.

League of Legends can be awesome to play for both beginners and veteran players because of its replayability. But it could be boring if you are using a new account since you would be playing with bots and you wouldn’t have that many characters unlocked. If you want to skip the boring AI matches and heavy grinding just to get your account to level 30, you can easily get smurf League of Legends accounts from LOL Script

Dota 2

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In keeping with the popularity of MOBA games as E-Sports, Dota 2 is another E-Sport from this genre. It is the sequel to Defense of the Ancients.

In terms of the age of Dota 2 players, Redeye reported that the average age of those attending The International 2018 was 23 years. The youngest player was 18 years old, and the oldest was only 29 years of age. This is in keeping with physical sports also being played by the youngest and fittest. E-Sports do require a lot of skills that are transferable between lots of mental and physical activities.

Dota 2 is famous for its strategy-based gameplay and team clashes. It is an E-Sport that is good for developing strategy skills because each game will require players to act upon a new strategy. It is also a game that promotes much engagement from players because of its large hero pool that will keep them involved, though if you become disengaged due to the difficulties of ranking higher in gameplay, you can check out this Dota 2 Booster. This booster allows you to increase your MMR (Matchmaking Ranking) within the game so that you can easily access the higher ranks and level up. There are more than 100 heroes for you to choose from with each game when you play Dota 2. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Moving on to a multiplayer game that is a first-person shooter, we have Counter-Strike: Global Offensive that can be played as an E-Sport.

For variety, CS:GO is a series of games and is the first Counter-Strike game where competitive matchmaking was built in.

Some tips when playing CS:GO to consider are:

  • Practice Accurate Shooting – to allow for there not being much time to think whilst playing the game.
  • Use Burst Fire – because delivering just a single shot will make it harder to make a difference.
  • Start With Core Weapons – such as pistols and rifles, because the fancier weapons such as AWP and Desert Eagle are not designed to deliver nice headshots, and so do not always prove to be the most effective weapon.
  • Check Ammo in Magazine – so that you always have sufficient bullets to kill virtual opponents.
  • Listen for Sounds – to better detect where your enemy is hiding.

And so the tips go on. So, it is worth reading a few gaming blogs to know the best approaches to playing a particular game or E-Sport. This applies, particularly, to shooter games.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

So, just three E-Sports, but undoubtedly some of the most popular ones. With their names come a reputation for the games being both fun and challenging to play and having converted well to E-Sports.


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  3. E-sports have skyrocketed in popularity, offering a diverse array of thrilling games that captivate audiences worldwide. Titles like Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and Wow stand out as some of the best in the industry, drawing millions of players and viewers alike. These games combine strategy, skill, and teamwork, creating intense and competitive gaming experiences. With massive tournaments, lucrative prize pools, and professional leagues, e-sports have become a significant part of the global gaming culture. Whether you’re a casual gamer or a dedicated enthusiast, there’s no denying the excitement and adrenaline rush that e-sports games provide.

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