Building Friendships Through Gaming: Connecting Beyond the Screen

connecting through gaming

Gaming has evolved into a vibrant social activity, breaking down traditional barriers to forge new friendships. It’s not just about individual play anymore; it’s about connecting with others, sharing experiences, and building communities. From immersive RPGs to strategic games like poker, the gaming world offers diverse ways to interact and bond with people globally. This article explores how gaming has become a platform for socialising, where players meet, chat, and create lasting relationships beyond the screen.

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The pros and cons of online gaming for children

pros and cons of online gaming

In the digital age, online gaming has become a popular form of entertainment, especially among children. With its immersive experiences and social interactions, online gaming offers a range of benefits and drawbacks for young players. This article will delve into the pros and cons of online gaming for children, highlighting both the positive and negative aspects parents and guardians should consider.

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What are the Benefits of Educational Games in Child Development?


Let’s face it, technology dominates our lives. Research and the COVID-19 pandemic show us that, in addition to many fields, we need new and alternative ways in education. When we consider how far we have advanced in technology and considering its huge impact and role in our lives, the question arises: what is the best way to implement technology into the lives of our children in the safest and most suitable way?

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2017’s Top 7 Online Games for Women

online casino

Earlier online games used to be only men’s cup of tea, in fact it was almost exclusively a male-dominated target market. Try clicking this link if you’re someone interested in the world of online gaming. Now according to recent studies and statistics women equally show interest in online gaming. With such a large interest and […]

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Online games

Do any of your family members play games online? What sort of things do they play? In our house it is only really one of the children who does that, and even that isn’t that often as the children are either busy with activities after school, reading, drawing, playing together, baking, doing craft or watching […]

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