Win Bio Care products for family health: FRIENDLY BACTERIA FOR EVERY DAY, EVERYWHERE – EASY.

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you’ll know I’m a real advocate of carefully selected supplements, for keeping your family in tip top shape.

If you are looking for an extra immunity booster for the whole family this Winter, you might want to consider BioCare’s new easy to use probiotic, the BioAcidophilus Everyday doesn’t require refrigeration, they’re convenient for all adults, especially for busy parents and people on-the-go. They’re great for your gut and an additional source of friendly bacteria naturally found in your digestive system.

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In addition, they’ve so added a tasty children’s supplement, the Red Berry BioMelts. This innovative product is a no mess, no fuss supplement that makes giving your kid’s their daily dose of vitamins a whole more fun. The delicious berry flavoured sachet dissolves on the tongue, designed to give children the essentials they need for immunity support.

I really like that these are so easy, practical in the little sachets and can be taken without any fuss – winner!

BioCare’s Everyday BioAcidophilus are priced at £13.96 for 28 capsules and available from and independent health food stores.

BioCare’s Red Berry BioMelts are priced at £17.95 for 28 sachets and available from and independent health food stores.

We’ve got an exciting competition to win a set of each of these on the blog. To enter, just compete the widget below.

UK entrants only please.

Good luck!

Win Everyday BioAcidophilus & Children’s Red Berry BioMelts

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  1. Yes !! I take Vitamin D, Folate, B12, Cranberry, Complex B and I have B12 shots bi-monthly….. My children all take vitamin D and a broad spectrum multivitamin.

  2. Exciting blog! BioCare products offer a convenient and effective way to support family health with friendly bacteria. With their easy-to-use formulations, incorporating these beneficial supplements into your daily routine is effortless. Win BioCare products and unlock the power of friendly bacteria for a healthier lifestyle, every day, everywhere!

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