The benefits of good gut health

good gut health

I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts lately about the importance of good gut health. I also had a fascinating conversation with my sister-in-laws father, who is a pharmacist, about healthy guts and the knock on effect of a gut that’s a bit out of sorts.

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Bugg** off bugs!


Pretty much every year by mid-February everyone you speak to seems a to have had all sorts of bugs. Over the last couple of months I’ve heard people say their families have been hit by all sorts including: heavy colds, tonsillitis, slapped cheek, flu, chicken pox and those non-specific viruses or vomiting bugs. By this […]

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Win Bio Care products for family health: FRIENDLY BACTERIA FOR EVERY DAY, EVERYWHERE – EASY.

win health supplements

If you are a regular reader of the blog, you’ll know I’m a real advocate of carefully selected supplements, for keeping your family in tip top shape. If you are looking for an extra immunity booster for the whole family this Winter, you might want to consider BioCare’s new easy to use probiotic, the BioAcidophilus Everyday […]

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