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10, 20, 30 times a day

What are those things that you catch yourself saying over and over throughout the day, many times a day? Do you know what they are? These things clearly change a bit depending on where you are in your life at the time and what your circumstances are but I know for sure there are so many things that I say on a daily basis over and over again.

Some of these things might be said ten times a day, some twenty and some even thirty times each day.

When I started to jot them down, this was the list that emerged. Fortunately it is a real mixture of things, if you are a parent, some of yours might be similar:

  • “It’s not serious”
  • “Where’s the other one?”
  • “What did you do to your brother/sister?”
  • “I don’t think so!”
  • “Just a second”
  • “Two more minutes”
  • “I’m coming, hold on”
  • “Woweeee”
  • “That’s fantastic!”
  • “Have you had a wee?”
  • “Do you need another wee?”
  • “Are you sure?”
  • “Please put your socks/coat/shoes on”
  • “Quick, quick”
  • “Hurry up”
  • “Where did you hide the …..?”
  • “Please don’t shout at me”
  • I love you
  • “Well done”
  • “Please don’t…..”
  • “Hold my hand, this is a car park!”
  • “Aren’t you clever!”
  • “I’m coming to tickle you!”
  • “What a kind boy/girl you are”
  • “You are scrumptious”
  • “Night, night, I love you”


What are your most used phrases at the moment?

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