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Dear 3am

We’ve built a solid relationship you and me over the years, haven’t we 3am?

I mean, I’m pretty well acquainted with your pals 1am, 2am, 4am and 5am as well, but nothing quite compares to the relationship you and I have does it?

Everything goes down at 3am.


It’s a decade since this relationship began, so I thought it only fair to reflect on what you have given me in that time 3am. Ten years is a long time, and we’ve shared many memorable moments over these years. Here’s just a few of the things you’ve given me:

  • You’ve given me night feeds, where we’ve welcomed, tears, reflux, colic, leaky boobs, backache and cracked nipples
  • You’ve given me children who think you are actually 6am and who just want to party
  • You’ve given me Baby TV and calming songs on loop
  • You’ve given me wet beds and vomit filled beds
  • You’ve given me road trips in my PJ’s to get little ones to sleep
  • You’ve given me tepid baths, whilst trying to cool down elevated temperatures
  • You’ve given me Calpol, Gripe Water and Sudocrem
  • You’ve given me countless trips downstairs for more milk when the breastfeeding was over
  • You’ve given me bad dreams
  • You’ve given me multiple nappy changes
  • You’ve given me bouncing babies in the Baby Bjorn
  • You’ve given me pacing up and down
  • You’ve given me bed hopping
  • You’ve given me sleep walkers
  • You’ve given me the silence to worry
  • You’ve given me awake for no reason at all
  • You’ve given me so many memories 3am!

I’d say that we have a love/hate relationship you and me though, because you’ve also given me:

  • So many wonderful cuddles with all my babies
  • Quiet time with each child
  • Time to work
  • Time to finish the online shopping
  • Time to feel the warm breath of my children on my skin
  • The silence to reflect and plan


Above all though 3am, what you have given me over the last decade is a true, unfiltered, real life version of motherhood. Raw motherhood.

You’ve reminded me of my strength and taught me what it really means to be a mummy, and for that I will always be grateful!

See you later 3am!

Much love, Charlotte x


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