Finishing touches to a nursery

One of the things most expecting parents are very busy with is getting their nursery ready for the new baby. It’s important that you get this right so that the baby is comfortable, but you also need to focus on making this room practical for the both of you as well. Think you’ve got your nursery all sorted? Here are some finishing touches that many families often forget to add.

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Night Light

Babies should be able to get to sleep in the dark, as they will be used to it from being in the womb. However, once they are a few months old, they may develop a fear of the dark. Because of this, you should think about getting a night light. These are small lights that emit a dim light in the room to comfort the baby. You can buy them as lamps to go next to the cot or install a gu10 lamp holder to hold a low-voltage bulb above the baby’s cot. It also helps you in the night when you are going backwards and forwards.

Comfy Chairs

Many couples forget to add a small seating area to the nursery. This isn’t necessary, but you will find it very useful when you are up for night feeds. You won’t have to disturb the baby too much by carrying him or her back to your bedroom or down to the living room. Instead, you can relax in the nursery’s seating area. Leave a few magazines next to the chairs so you will have something to keep you occupied, and a bottle of water.

Bouncer Seat

It’s a good idea to have a bouncer seat in your nursery for those times your baby finds it difficult to drop off to sleep. Place them in the bouncer seat if you are too busy to rock them in your arms, you will be able to rock some of them with your feet, which can be useful if you are trying to settle another child at the same time. They will also be able to gently rock themselves as they get a bit older. This can relax them, and they will be able to fall asleep much quicker than if they had just been left in their crib. Bouncer seats are also useful during the day when you are doing your chores. Leave your baby in the seat and you can be sure that he or she is safe.

A Camera

You will want to capture all your baby’s important milestones. Just in case they reach any in their nursery, keep a camera close at hand. That way, you can grab it and quickly snap the precious moment. Maybe it’s the first time your baby can pull them up using the bars of their crib. Whatever they are doing, have a camera on a shelf in your nursery so that you don’t miss it!

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A Radio

One of the best ways to help your baby sleep at night is to play white noise into the nursery. A radio is the best source of this sound. Simply turn the tuner to a spot in between two radio stations. There will then be a soft crackling noise emitted from the speakers. You can fine toys and other devices that will make this noise as well, or even apps on your phone or tablet.

Once you had all these finishing touches to your nursery, it’ll be ready for your new arrival!


  1. I found the night lights really useful. You can get cheap ones that plug into the wall that only come on at night.

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