Family Fun at Gravity

At the weekend we headed to Gravity, a trampoline park in Castleford West Yorkshire. They have a few venues, so it’s worth checking their website to see if there is one near you. There are also plenty of other things to do in Castleford at the Xscape centre, including: golf; a laser zone; climbing; cinema, sky track, bowling; soft play and all things snowy! There are also plenty of places to eat and drink so you could easily make a day of it.

Trampolining is something I really enjoyed at school. I did also have an accident on a school trampoline, but we will gloss over that…it was just one of those things, I landed a jump badly and ended up wearing a neck collar for a few weeks.

For a long time I gave trampolines a wide berth, but then when our biggest boy turned three we got him a large trampoline for his birthday, partly hoping he’d stop bouncing on the bed.

The children (and us grown ups) loved it and we haven’t been without one since. We have a large trampoline in the garden that we have out during spring and summer and pack away in the autumn, mainly because we have really high winds where we live and we lost one trampoline in the wind a couple of years ago.

It’s something that is great fun for everyone and something we can all get involved in.

Gravity is an ideal place to head for some family fun. They do run a range of organised activities but their open jump sessions are perfect to get everyone out together, no matter their age.


It’s not an easy place to get photos as you can’t take phones or cameras into the main area and any photos you do get are likely to be a blur due to the bouncing!

They have a specific under 5’s area which was really good and meant that the little boys could bounce safely, although they were a bit put out when they realised that the big kids were bouncing somewhere else. The under 5’s section is enclosed which is great as they little ones can’t bounce off the trampolines. There is however an opening straight onto a steep metal staircase which is a bit tricky with anyone under 3 years of age. It would benefit from having some sort of barrier or gate on, or perhaps swapping the staircase for a ramp.

In the main park there are specific areas for dodge ball and somersaults, which the big kids loved, and then plenty of trampolines for everyone.

As it’s a timed session it doesn’t get overcrowded and there are plenty of staff around to ‘police’ things.

Everyone is required to listen to a safety briefing beforehand and complete a waiver…basically you agree to bounce at your own risk and accept that you could break something or even die as a result of your trampolining…happy days!

Everyone gets a pair of snazzy orange socks with grips on for bouncing and the sessions last for one hour.

It really is a lot of fun (despite the risk of death) and it would be a super idea for a party. I can see these places being really popular in the winter when the weather is bad – pop in and have a bounce to the music!

Have you been to a trampoline park? What did you think?


  1. We have never been to a trampoline park and I have not been on a trampoline since I was a child. Sounds fun, though!

  2. My daughter keeps asking me about Gravity – looks great so I definitely think we will visit next time we are close to one.

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