Give the gift of grip

Little ones in slippy socks on hard floors at home often resemble Bambi on ice. Of course there is the option for bare feet, which we often go for, whip off the socks and avoid slips that way – but hard floors can be cold on little feet. Slipper socks are an option or just socks with grippers, but we noticed some trips whilst wearing these as the grippy dots on the socks created a sticky effect somehow, causing trips and stumbles.

Another option are soft leather shoes, like these from Dotty Fish. We especially love these dinosaur shoes as the boys are crazy about all things dinosaur.


Dotty Fish specialise in soft leather shoes for babies and toddlers. They offer a large selection of bright, fun designs for both boys and girls aged 0-5 years. From animals and vehicles to hearts and stars, with over 30 designs to choose from you are sure to find a design to suit all tastes.

All of their shoes are made from soft leather and have a non-slip suede sole which allows little ones to walk on wooden and laminated floors without slipping and sliding. The elasticated ankle keeps the shoe snug on the foot and stops them from falling off!

Priced at just £7.99, each pair comes presented in an organza drawstring gift bag, making them a gorgeous gift option if you are stuck for ideas for little ones. You can even create your own gift set using their online Boxset Creator. Simply select the items you want in your gift box and they will do the rest.


These are beautifully made, comfortable and super soft. They work well with socks or bare feet for little ones and are even easy for little people to put on themselves.

Being able to grip the floor better gives little ones stability, which in turn brings greater confidence…and hopefully a few less bumps as well!

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