Walk Your Way to Wellness: Exploring the Benefits of Walking Pads and Top Brands in the UK

walking pads in the office

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time to exercise can be a challenge. However, incorporating physical activity into your daily routine is essential for maintaining good health and well-being. Walking pads offer a convenient solution by allowing you to walk or jog in the comfort of your own home or office. In this article, I will explore the numerous benefits of walking pads and highlight some of the best brands available in the UK.

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Winter Walks: The benefits of walking in the winter

I know that for lots of people the winter weather makes them want to curl up inside and keep well away from the elements. Wind, rain, snow and colder temperatures put so many people off going outside, but what about trying to change your think around that? Maybe you just don’t wrap up well enough? Maybe you just need to invest in some warm socks and a pair of wellies? Think about all the benefits you could gain from a winter walk.

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Family walks: why they matter

family walks

Do you and your family walk together? It’s one of our favourite things to do as a family. The children don’t call it walking though, it’s always “we’re going on an adventure”. We love our adventures, and we’ve walked miles and miles as a family. Here’s why I think family walks matter.

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Hello Havana: choosing a stroller

koochi havana

No I’m not in Cuba. Although we can dream can’t we? I’ve heard it’s very nice. One for the bucket list perhaps? I’m actually talking about the new gorgeous Speedstar Havana pushchair from the AW16 range at Koochi. If you haven’t heard of Koochi before, they are the sister brand of Cosatto. If Cosatto are […]

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Give the gift of grip

baby shoes

Little ones in slippy socks on hard floors at home often resemble Bambi on ice. Of course there is the option for bare feet, which we often go for, whip off the socks and avoid slips that way – but hard floors can be cold on little feet. Slipper socks are an option or just […]

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Lighten the load

lighten the load

For busy families, the amount of washing that has to be done every week can be immense. For families like ours where everyone does lots of different activities and spends a lot of time outdoors this increases. As well as the normal day to day washing of clothes and weekly washing of towels and bedding, […]

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