Having a wardrobe clear out? What are your options?

Having a wardrobe clear out can be so therapeutic as an adult. I find it helps me to feel focused and more organised. It doesn’t have to be about out with the old and in with the new though, just de-cluttering can be great, without necessarily replacing things. So many people only wear a handful of what’s in their wardrobe anyway, so why do we hold onto all this stuff anyway?

What are the options?

Help your local school or playgroup

Perhaps your children’s school or playgroup are having a charity clothing collection to help their fundraising efforts. We have used Bag2School before and we’ve been so impressed. You simply fill up the bags and take them into your school or playgroup on the specified day for collection and the school or playgroup will receive a cheque in exchange for all the donated clothing.

Why not find out if your children’s school or playgroup are taking part. If they aren’t, why not suggest it to them? It’s super easy to set up.

fundraising for schools

Choose a charity shop to support

Another option is always to choose a charity shop to support and take your unwanted clothing to your local store. I’ve supported Barnado’s stores over the years, also taking unwanted toys there as you often find Barnardo’s also have designated children’s stores in some areas.

Whatever cause you want to support, it’s a great way to help a charity. Many also allow you to register for gift aid so they make even more from your donations.

Every few months I get a letter in the post from Barnardo’s telling me how much they have made from my donations.

help a charity

Donate to a homeless shelter

Perhaps there is a homeless shelter in your area? If so, you could choose to donate your unwanted clothing there. That way the volunteers can distribute the clothing to those who need it.

Use charity bin collections

If you don’t like any of the ideas above, why not use the local charity bin collections in your local area. These are literally everywhere from recycling centres to supermarket car parks.

You will find separate ones for shoes and clothing. Make sure shoes are tied together and the clothing is well wrapped up to protect it.

help a charity

Use cash for clothes services

If you don’t want to donate your clothing to a good cause, you could always find a cash 4 clothing type business in your area. Basically these places will weigh your clothing and give you cash back based on the weight of the items you have taken in.


What do you currently do with unwanted clothing after a clear out.

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