Hello Havana: choosing a stroller

No I’m not in Cuba. Although we can dream can’t we? I’ve heard it’s very nice. One for the bucket list perhaps?

I’m actually talking about the new gorgeous Speedstar Havana pushchair from the AW16 range at Koochi. If you haven’t heard of Koochi before, they are the sister brand of Cosatto.

If Cosatto are all about urban style and saving parents from boring baby stuff, Koochi are all about the adventures. Adventures don’t have to stop when you have a baby, they actually get more interesting, and with Koochi little ones can adventure with style.

The Koochi AW16 range includes the “Havana” and “Bali” ranges, which both have both a range of pushchairs and car seats in striking colours.


I’ve been wanting to get a lightweight stroller for sometime. Up until now we’ve had a Maxi Cosi Mura, which has now served its purpose. We don’t need anything quite that bulky anymore and the bulk of the time the little boys prefer to walk anyway. Despite this, they do only have little legs and there are days when those little legs just won’t take them any further.

They used to be happy to swap in and out depending on who was tired but recently that has changed, and I now frequently end up in a situation whereby I am the furthest point from the car with helmets and scooters and both little boys decide they want to either go in the pushchair or be carried. Most of the time I end up with one in the pushchair and one on my shoulders and the scooters “balanced” or hooked over my arm.

koochi folded

As much as I have manged up until now without a double pushchair, bizzarly it’s now when I think a double would be great. So Koochi, if you are listening, can you have a think about developing lightweight double pushchairs for these crazy family moments?

Back to this gorgeous stroller, this is really perfect for the stage we are at now. It’s lightweight, folds down and up easily; comes with this gorgeous practical bag; a foot muff and rain cover, preparing you for all types of adventures. It’s quite a novelty being able to hook the stroller over my arm and lift it really easily, having lugged around a huge heavy pushchair for so long.

koochi havana

It fits effortlessly into the boot and there is still so much space for other things. It is easy to recline and raise and the children seem comfortable in it.

As much as it is sad to say goodbye to my baby days, it is also exciting to move on to the next stage and dare I say it say a final goodbye to some of that bulky equipment needed for little ones.

The Speedstar was super easy to put together, all I had to do was click the wheels into the base and attach the hood. I love the bright colours and I’m looking forward to pushing this around, whislt still dreaming of Havana.

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