Learning about shapes

We love snacks that are multi purpose. Snacks that come in a range of shapes are great for learning about all the different shapes and can be great discussion points with toddlers.

I will often cut bread or wraps or fruit into different shapes for the little boys, and then ask them to tell me what the shapes are. Their favourite shape at the moment is a triangle and after a week of triangle shaped foods we headed for our mountain holiday. On seeing the mountains in the distance from the train, the little boys knew straight away that they were triangles.

Stars and hearts are also shapes that we have been working on recently. Organix have finger foods in both these shapes which the boys really love. We also took some hearts to playgroup when it was our turn to provide the snack this week and it seems they went down well there too!


Ideal for babies from 7+ months (Stage 2) who are learning to feed themselves, these hearts will help your little one discover and learn about different shapes, textures and tastes.

The chunky shaped hearts are easy to pick up and perfect for getting little fingers moving, gripping, grasping and picking up.

Red Pepper Hearts are delicious organic corn, shaped into hearts and baked before being covered with red pepper and carrot, giving your little ones a new and interesting taste to try.

Organix Organic Red Pepper Hearts come with the Organix No Junk Promise – reassurance for parents that there’s no added sugar, salt, or artificial colours or flavours, just honest organic ingredients.

Organix Organic Red Pepper Hearts have an RRP 75p for a 20g bag.   You’ll find them in Asda, Sainsbury’s and online at Ocado.

How do you teach your children about shapes? Do they have a favourite shape?


  1. My children love the shapes on Mr Maker – we also like the different shaped Mr Men. My boy loves Rectangles for some reason! 😀

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