Idyllic locations for a digital detox holiday

digital detox holiday

What are your thoughts on a digital detox holiday? Our children don’t have a huge amount of screen time as they all enjoy being outdoors, but they do enjoy playing a few games on the tablet or watching a Netflix series. Having recently returned from the mountains I can say that I love nothing more […]

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Where to stay in Bristol with a family

SACO Apartments

Bristol is a really lovely city I think. We’ve had a couple of really lovely visits over the years, and with great weather on both occasions, we ended up eating outside by the water. It really was lovely. Children were playing in the water fountains and it just had a really lovely feel. Bristol is […]

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Things to do in Abersoch with the family

Abersoch Holiday Homes

Abersoch is one of those places that isn’t actually that far from us but we rarely visit. We really should go there more as it’s the perfect location to go with a family. Abersoch is on the Llyn Peninsula, in a stunning part of North Wales. It has become a popular seaside resort, also known […]

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Top 20 signs you REALLY need a holiday

family hotels

When was the last time you had a holiday? Do you feel in need of a holiday? Probably a silly question right? What busy parent doesn’t feel like they need a holiday? Losing your sense of humour, bingeing on comfort food and being unable to sleep through the night are all signs you need a […]

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Family holidays to add to your bucket list

bucket list holidays

Is there anything more special than going on holiday as a family? You get to create special memories that will last a lifetime. If you are planning on saving up for an incredible trip with your children, we have some great suggestions: California – A lot of people deem this America’s most family-friendly state. There […]

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