Looking for Special Occasion Shoes?

Now that things are starting to open up a bit more and restrictions are gradually lifting, you may be starting to consider the special occasions you might have coming up during the remainder of the year.

Perhaps you have special birthday parties on the horizon, or a friends wedding for example, restrictions permitting of course, but let’s hope some of these things can happen over the coming months, after so many people have had to cancel things like this over the last year. Whatever the occasion, you will want the perfect shoes as non of us have dressed up for a while.

Fancy but still comfy

After over a year of not wearing anything remotely fancy, the thought of squeezing your feet into something high and pointy may fill you with more dread than excitement.

Don’t panic! There are tons of shoes that can be both fancy and comfy at the same time. You could opt for a heel that is lower than you would normally choose perhaps? Or something in a wider fitting than normal to get you a bit more of a comfort factor.

A nice court shoe might meet both of these requirements. Something with a rounder toe instead of a pointy one, like these below.


Wedges could be another option, again, as they tend to be more comfortable than heels, but can still look very dressy and give you some good height. There are loads of lovely wedges around to choose from these days and they are often way better for outdoor celebrations as you don’t get that sinking in grass that you do with heels! No one needs that!

These wedges featured below come with padding for extra comfort, so you can wear them all day and night.

Crystal Encrusted Trainers

Wedding Shoes don’t have to be heels. If heels really aren’t your thing you can opt for something funky like these crystal encrusted trainers below. These really are a thing these days and they can look so nice. If you don’t like wearing heels, don’t do it to yourself. Plus, everyone will be wishing they had ditched the heels and gone with the trainers by the end of the evening anyway!

If trainers are too clumpy for your outfit, you could always try something like a ballerina pump.

Heels…only heels

It might be that you have missed heels so much, nothing but the highest heels will do for your special occasion. If that is the case, go for it! If nothing but a high stiletto will do, enjoy the occasion and the chance to wear something that hasn’t been needed for over a year now.

Whatever you decide to choose for your occasion, you can find plenty of choice over at Paradox.

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  1. So good to think about special occasions again. Love the idea of wearing sparkly trainers to a do!

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