‘MULTY’ purpose product for parents

Having a baby and then raising children is an expensive business without a doubt. Don’t get me wrong, they are worth every penny, but it is costly.

So, as a parent, when you come across multi-functional products that tick a few things off your must-buy list in one go, at one price, you quite literally do a little happy dance.

I’m so excited to tell all you parents-to-be and parents of young children about ‘The Multy’, I’m just rather sad and frustrated that this stunning, genius 4-in-1 product didn’t exist 10 years ago when I had my first child.

The most versatile of baby products I have ever seen, The Multy is an innovative baby crib, highchair, child’s seat and storage system all in one – an indispensable addition to any family home.

Just take a look at this video and you will see how it transforms. Utter genius right?

As you will see in the video the first use of The Multy is as a crib, but it isn’t just any crib, it rocks, aids reflux, looks desirable and stylish, and aids sleep. I could have honestly cried if I’d known about this nearly two years ago. Our youngest had the most awful silent reflux which basically meant he choked each time he lay on his back in his moses basket. I tried elevating the mattress with towels but it was never even so he would just roll. As a result, he basically slept on my chest, on his front for the first nine months of his life. Consequently, with that as a routine, he has only ever slept in his own cot once all the way through the night and he will be two next month. I honestly feel this crib could have made a difference.

Multy Crib

Next up, The Multy transforms into a gorgeous looking, easy-to-clean high chair that is super practical and safe. You couldn’t put a small baby that you just started weening in it, but once they are a bit bigger and sitting up well this style of high chair is perfect.

Multy High Chair

Once you are at the toddler stage, you can remove the harness and the tray and it transforms into a chair. This is great as it bridges that gap when toddlers no longer want to be strapped in a high chair, but are too small for a normal chair at the table.

Multy chair

The final stage in the life of The Multy is to transform it into a storage unit. Any parent will know that quality storage is a must with little ones, and this can be used for anything from toys, to nappies, to clothes. Versatile, practical and stylish. The added bonus is that you can use both the chair and the storage unit at the same time!

Multy storage

The MULTY is available exclusively here for £179.99 including all storage parts plus postage at £14.99. If you think about how much you might spend on four separate items, I think you will find that The Multy saves you money. It has a superb finish and unlimited years of use in a family home. I can see us still using this in ten years time.

If I was starting on the parenting journey now, this would be top of my list of purchases, in ten years I haven’t seen anything that would rival this! Utter brilliance!


  1. What a fab idea!! I’ve never seen one like this but most definitely would have had one, anything that we can use long term is a bonus! It’s so expensive having children, especially having lots, and we rely heavily on hand me downs and adaptable things that we can use as the children grow! #sharewithme

  2. I really like this and it actually solves problems that I know so many people have! I love the design and thinks its ingenious! If we ever have another baby (Mia is now 3) I would seriously consider this. The price is amazing too, I was expecting it to be double! 🙂


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