Online games

Do any of your family members play games online?

What sort of things do they play?

In our house it is only really one of the children who does that, and even that isn’t that often as the children are either busy with activities after school, reading, drawing, playing together, baking, doing craft or watching a movie.


I was shocked to learn how many people do play games online though, as part of every day life, and not just children, grown ups too. I’m not sure how busy parents find the time to be honest but I’m guessing, like I would have a bath to relax or someone else might watch television other people might play games online.

It seems that playing games online can also be a way for adults to meet other like minded people and apparently this is very common. It’s all a bit of an alien world to me really and the games we are used to playing are more the board games as a family at home, or similar things in travel size when we are on the move.

I guess for people who can’t get out much then this world must be a real saviour and prevent isolation – there are apparently online clubs you can join, so really we shouldn’t view that any differently to a regular club, it’s the same but different and there is obviously a need for it and the interest there, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many people playing.


I’m told that the most popular games online are classics like Chess and Monopoly, as well as things like Eve Online, sports games, poker and bingo, many people play bingo from, and the poker everyone seems to be talking about is Texas Hold’em Poker, which has apparently taken the world by storm.

Have you ever played any of these?

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