April Fools Day

I remember at school that April Fools Day was always quite a big thing. There would always be a couple of teachers that would manage to pull off a real cracker and have everyone reeled in.

At university there would always be something crazy on April Fools Day and after I left and began working there was a guy I worked with who looked forward each year to winding us all up about something. Despite knowing what a joker he was we were always sucked in.

Some of my favourites over the years are the mass April Fools announced over the radio or in national newspapers like one in the year 2000 when The Daily Mail revealed that Esporta Health Clubs had launched a new line of socks, dubbed FatSox, designed to help people lose weight. These revolutionary socks actually sucked body fat out of sweating feet, promising to “banish fat for ever.” The American inventor of this weight-loss product, Professor Frank Ellis Elgood, explained that the socks employed a nylon polymer called FloraAstraTetrazine “previously only applied in the nutrition industry.” As a person’s body heat rose and their blood vessels dilated, the socks drew “excess lipid from the body through the sweat.” After having sweated out the fat, the wearer could then simply wash the socks, and the fat, away. Ha ha ha – we wish right?

One of the children is a real joker and consequently loves a good April Fool joke. If you have a little joker in the family too, I can recommend the Wild Pets Scorpion. These are so realistic and can really have you convinced there is something a little nasty lurking around, the movement to is so life like.

29004 Wild Pets S2 Scorpion Single Pack


Using the touch sensor on the back, you can control the scorpion and make it your pet. Leave it alone and your scorpion will enter ‘Cage Mode’ and move around quietly and calmly on its own. Urrrrrh…it makes popping downstairs for a drink in the night a totally different experience!

They also do spiders in the same range and you can house them in a habitat for £19.99 with the scorpions and spiders being priced at £12.99.

What do you think? A great April Fool?


  1. ohh, I forgot april fools is coming up! I always get scared on that day lol And the scorpion looks like a good idea, definitely could scare a couple of people 🙂

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