A bug safari

bug inspection

The little boys love hunting for bugs in the back garden, it’s something we do quite a lot and we try to find new bugs each time to expand their knowledge. As it was so wet this weekend it was a great time to get out in the garden and look for bugs. As any […]

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Making a mini beast habitat

mini beast habitat

After a good run around outside and a visit to a local playground today the children were keen to come in from the cold, have a few snacks and a compulsory hot chocolate and do some craft. We’ve found rather a lot of mini beasts in the garden this week so that was on their […]

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April Fools Day

I remember at school that April Fools Day was always quite a big thing. There would always be a couple of teachers that would manage to pull off a real cracker and have everyone reeled in. At university there would always be something crazy on April Fools Day and after I left and began working […]

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A different kind of pet

You might have read my article a while back on “Getting a pet for your child the how NOT to guide” – do your children have pets? Wild Pets have a range of toys available, which are very life-like yet clearly much lower maintenance than the real things. Take this guy below: Feels and moves […]

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