Planning a ski trip? What kit will you need?

Are you planning a ski trip? Ski trips are the types of holidays that do require some planning, due to all the specialist equipment that is needed.

If you are going as a family then extra planning is needed, to make sure everyone is well kitted out. I’m not talking about everyone having their own skis and boots, more about making sure everyone is kitted out in all the warm bits and bobs.

Depending on the time of year you go skiing it can get pretty cold. We’ve had real extreme weather in the past where the temperature in the Alps has dropped to -22 Celsius, equally we’ve skied in t-shirts at Easter time as well. Bear in mind that any wind can add an extra wind chill factor to the temperature as well.

what to wear on a ski holiday

Think carefully about the clothing you need for everyone before you go. Don’t assume a couple of fleeces and some welly socks will do the trick. Go for layers, they are more effective at keeping everyone cosy than one thick jumper or fleece and little ones hate feeling bunched up in bulky things.

If you have a child who is sensitive to things like the way clothes feel then get them to try everything on, and explore all the things you are packing beforehand.

The hardest part is deciding how many of some things to take. Bear in mind that it is unlikely that you will have washing facilities, but also be mindful that you don’t want to end up taking more than you need to either, especially if you are flying, as the weight allowances are so restrictive for families when children are small. I often pack a tube of hand washing gel for any emergency washes.

So roughly what are you going to need for a skiing holiday?

what to wear on a ski holiday


  • Warm hats
  • Ski helmets
  • Face masks/balaclavas – when it is very cold these can be worn under ski helmets
  • Sun glasses
  • Goggles – these are often easier to keep on very small children
  • Sun cream/sun block


  • Snow boots
  • Ski socks
  • Thick tights work well for very small children

Invest in decent socks, don’t by cheap ski socks, you will regret it. Also, don’t by ski socks that are too low down, ideally they need to come out of the top of your ski boots to avoid any rubbing. If you start the week off with sore feet and legs, you won’t enjoy your holiday.

what to wear on a ski holiday


  • Thermal tights, leggings, base layer bottoms
  • Sallopettes
  • Thermal base layer tops
  • Fleeces
  • T-shirts – useful for layering and keeping the heat in
  • Polo necks – can keep little ones that bit warmer
  • Ski jackets
  • All in one suits – you might find these better for little ones
  • Underwear – easy to forget when you are so focused on the specialist equipment
  • Sports bras – don’t forget these, much more comfortable and more supportive

Simply Hike have some lovely ski wear at great prices. I really like their women’s ski jackets at the moment. They’ve got a range of brands in their online shop, so no matter the style of women’s ski jacket you are looking for, you should find something to your taste and budget.

It’s worth getting it right with a ski jacket as you’ll be in it a long time everyday. If you choose wisely, you’ll also be able to wear it as a coat when you get back from your ski holiday. That goes for the whole family – otherwise you end up spending a huge amount of money for things that are only worn one week per year.

That might not matter so much for an adult but children will have obviously grown out of their kit by the time you go again. Choosing unisex colours can also help here, so siblings can use them in the future.

what to wear on a ski holiday


  • Gloves or mittens
  • Glove strings – a must with little people
  • Thermal inners – if it’s very cold these can make such a difference!
  • Heat packs – great for popping inside gloves or mittens, or even inside a foot muff if you have a little one in a pushchair

what to wear on a ski holiday

Apres ski:

If you are skiing with children apres ski is likely to be relaxing in your accommodation, swimming or a spot of sledging so you won’t need loads of party outfits. I would recommend:

  • Onesies
  • Pj’s
  • Slipper socks with grips as the floors can be slippy
  • One outfit each
  • Swimwear

Travel day bags:

  • Busy bags – I pack each of the children a busy bag which includes a range of activities to keep them busy, a few of their favourite things, and something new to do on the trip
  • Nappies
  • Wipes
  • Nappy sacks – make great rubbish bags as well
  • Snacks – bucket loads to keep everyone going
  • Warm gloves and hats accessible for when you arrive in the resort
  • Chargers for electronic devices
  • Toddler walking rucksack or reins

what to wear on a ski holiday

General :

  • If self catering you could take a meal for the first night – this might sound a bit crazy, but when everyone goes into meltdown after a long day travelling, you will be so glad you can whip out that packet of pasta and packet sauce and feed the hungry and grumpy tummies!
  • Towels – check this with your accommodation provider
  • First aid kit including thermometer
  • Boot warmers – these are genius, if you warm everyone’s boots up before they put them on, you will all start off warm. It is much harder to warm up once the cold sets in
  • Travel cot and sheet – again, check with your accommodation provider. We used to take a Baby Bjorn Travel Cot Light with us
  • Travel essentials – e.g  washing stuff, tooth brushes etc. Take travel size things where you can to save on space and weight.

Are you planning a ski trip? We’d love to know where you are heading! Ski holidays are so much fun!

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