Treasure Troves of Savings: Best Places in the UK to Buy Second-Hand, or low-cost Ski Clothing

second-hand ski clothes

Skiing is an exhilarating winter sport, but the cost of brand-new ski clothing can be daunting, especially when the trip itself costs a small fortune. Luckily, there are numerous places in the UK where you can score high-quality second-hand ski clothing without breaking the bank. In this blog article, I’ll explore the best places to find second-hand ski clothing, helping you stay warm, stylish, and budget-savvy on the slopes.

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Planning a ski trip? What kit will you need?

what to wear on a ski holiday

Are you planning a ski trip? Ski trips are the types of holidays that do require some planning, due to all the specialist equipment that is needed. If you are going as a family then extra planning is needed, to make sure everyone is well kitted out. I’m not talking about everyone having their own […]

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What to look for in a ski jacket

So you’ve booked your family skiing holiday and you are now starting to think about what kit you need. When it comes to a ski jacket you can pay anything from £25 up to £250 or more if you go for something designer. It can be true that you get what you pay for but […]

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