Posh Lemonade

When I was little and used to go to a pub garden with my grandparents during the summer my grandpa would ask me if I would like a ‘posh lemonade’. This is a memory of mine from around the age of five until eight when my grandpa or my ‘poppy’ as I called him died. He liked to sit in the beer garden during the warmer weather and watch me play on the swings, or we would take dominoes with us and play that instead.

A ‘posh lemonade’ was what is often referred to as cloudy or still lemonade, and it’s been a firm favourite of mine ever since.

During my pregnancies it would often help me feel as if I was drinking something a bit more interesting and it also often helped to curb my horrific sickness.

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So for all you non-drinking mummies and mums-to-be why not crack open a carton of still and cloudy lemonade from The Cracker Drinks Co – the best cloudy lemonade out there in my view – top it up with lemonade or fizzy water for a bit of sparkle or leave it as it is if bubbles send you over the edge and you enjoy it on its own.

For all you mummies that can enjoy a little tipple, top up with Champagne, Prosecco or whatever your favourite bubbles are.

Add some fruit and a fancy straw and enjoy!


  1. Sounds delicious love your non alcoholic choices thanks
    Never actually tried this brand so will have a look and taste

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