Dealing with a reluctant drinker

dealing with a reluctant drinker

As a parent, one of the most stressful things can be a child who won’t eat, or drink or do either. We spend our time as parents trying to do the best for our children and one of those things is trying desperately hard to ensure they eat and drink well. When you’ve spent time […]

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Are your drinks damaging your teeth?

acid erosion

What do you like to drink? I’m talking about all drinks, not just those of the alcoholic variety, although they are also relevant. Are you a tea person? Maybe you can’t function without coffee? Perhaps you wake up with a fresh orange juice? What about evenings and weekends? Red wine? White wine? Beer or something […]

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Exploring Leeds

Leeds, a city in Yorkshire, England is known as the commercial, cultural and financial hub of West Yorkshire’s urban area. It not only attracts a large number of students from all over the world but is also a famous hotspot among tourists. From fine shopping, incredible art and amazing food to beautiful landmarks, theatres, museums […]

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Posh Lemonade

posh lemondae

When I was little and used to go to a pub garden with my grandparents during the summer my grandpa would ask me if I would like a ‘posh lemonade’. This is a memory of mine from around the age of five until eight when my grandpa or my ‘poppy’ as I called him died. […]

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Planning ahead for the party season

Finding nice alternatives to alcohol for drinking can be difficult when pregnant or breastfeeding. During the summer months I’ve often opted for nice smoothies or juices or perhaps a non-alcoholic cocktail. As we hit autumn and dare I say it then with the long run in to Christmas, there tend to be many more situations […]

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