Should Smokers Be Encouraged To Vape?

I’ve never smoked. It’s something I feel very strongly about. It killed all four of my grandparents, three of whom were dead by the time I was ten. I’m the person who will cross the street to avoid a smoker and I actively protect my family from smokey environments.

Around 17% of adults in the UK smoke cigarettes. It’s still one of the biggest industries around the globe. There must be something that is so enticing about it, right? Unfortunately, there is! It is that substance called nicotine.

Nicotine is what gives the smoker that high. However, we as humans often tend to be ignorant of something that doesn’t cause us harm in the short-term. That is the case with cigarettes. As good as it may seem to smoke for the high; the effects of nicotine outweigh that high.

The saddening fact is that since there is no visible change for a long time; many people continue to smoke up till the point where it’s too late.

Adversities of Smoking

We all have to die at some point. Cigarettes just help us get there faster. It shrinks our timeline and makes sure that the years we become a slave to nicotine. The result is that we welcome cancer as if it was some old friend of ours; we lose all of our athletic abilities and breathing gets harder and harder.

Another thing that smokers go through is that their brains with time begin to rely completely on the nicotine from a cigarette to release dopamine —a chemical that releases into the blood stream to help us feel happy. We tend to ignore all of that just because there is not much visible change in our body as in the case of other harmful drugs. The astonishing fact is that this nicotine that our body craves so badly is one of the most addictive substances on earth. For comparison, this substance is as addictive as heroin!

The Alternative

The only bright side is that there are now several different alternatives that are equally tempting to consume, but don’t pose the massive dangers associated with smoking. One of the best alternatives is vaping.

When we talk about vaping, we are referring to things like electronic cigarettes, electronic pens, or electronic hookahs. These still contain nicotine, so they are still addictive, but they are nowhere near as harmful as a cigarette – they won’t kill you! The following are a few reasons why vaping is better than smoking.

Far Healthier

A vaporiser does not contain tar or any of the other toxins a cigarette does. This allows you to remain safe from any potential dangers like cancer while giving you the same high a cigarette does. Some vaporiser liquids do contain nicotine, but the amount present can be controlled.

live a healthy life

Assistance in Withdrawal

After you become a smoking addict, leaving cigarettes becomes quite difficult. You have to deal with the ugly withdrawal symptoms. Fortunately, you now have vaporisers. These products have been found to offer great assistance while dealing with the nicotine withdrawal symptoms.

Not Bothersome

When you smoke a cigarette, its smell gets stuck to your clothes. This might not bother you but it surely does bother the people around you. On the other hand, vaporisers are quite discreet. Unlike cigarettes, they don’t let the entire world know that you have just vaped.

Ways to Vape

There are several different products you could use to vape. The following are some of the most commonly used ones.

Electronic Hookah

If you don’t want a standard vape pen, you can get yourself a disposable electronic hookah. Similar to e-cigarettes in appearance, e-hookahs tend to be a little fancier. A good battery on an e-hookah will allow something around 500 puffs. There are many different e-hookahs to choose from, so this simple guide by Vaping360 may make the choosing process a little easier.


To make things a little more contemporary, you can opt for an electronic hookah bowl. Most electronic hookahs come with an independent hose while others connect to a regular hookah pipe. In case of the latter, you get to use the same water-pipe while cutting out the harmful ingredients of regular hookah.

Refillable Hookah Pen

Another great product to vape with is a refillable hookah. If anything, you don’t have to constantly change or buy new e-cigarettes of hookahs. Simply get the liquid refilled and you are good to go. Similar to most electronic products, the amount of nicotine used in the liquid in is extremely little to none.

In A Nutshell


It is fair to say that e-cigarettes and e-hookahs are a far better alternative to regular cigarettes. If anything, your nicotine intake falls to an extremely meagre amount, consequently allowing you to keep away from diseases like oral and lung cancer and enjoy life for longer. In a nutshell, smokers should always be encouraged to vape if they are unable to give up completely.


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